Physical 3D Models

3D Print Model of Unna
Acrylic Glass Model
3D Print Model
3D Print Model Coburg Castle
UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Stralsund
Acrylic Glass 3D Model

Did you ever try to actually touch a virtual 3D model? Well, you can now!

From virtual 3D city models or 3D building models, we create physical models based on different technologies. You can have us print your model in high quality 3D, fully textured or individually colored. Combine map data, imagery and other data sources with all kinds of 3D data. We will print it, arrange it and mount it any way you like it.

You could also choose a classical wooden model! Or a fancy Plexiglas model with back lighting in different sizes. You can have a luminated model of your complete premises or even city on the space of a piece of paper as giveaway for special guests or customers.

Please contact us for our wide choice of materials and arrangements. Naturally, we will also create the virtual model that you might still need as input.


  • special 3D printing powdered cellulose (colored)
  • high quality wood
  • acrylic glass
  • stone
  • plastic

Our expertise for your projects

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