3D Terrain Models

Depending on type of use Digital Terrain Models are created for different areas of application in various data format and resolution stages (LOD - Level of Detail).

The following data are used as source material to create a DTM:

  • Elevation grid (raster):
    laser scanning, aerial photogrammetry (autom./manual)
  • Breaklines:
    aerial photogrammetry (interaktive, semi automatic)
  • Texture:
    aerial photographs - orthophotos


DTM for 3D City Models

Data reduction is very important for the presentation of 3D City Models. Thus from the source points a triangulated net (TIN - Triangulated Irregular Network) will be calculated .
This step reduces the amount of data substantially and accelerates also the visualisation.
Various LODs' can be created by interpolation of different height gradations.

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