Image Flights

Essential requirement for photogrammetry are aerial photographs.

Many years of experience in the area of photogrammetry and the good contact to different image flight companies allow us to offer professional consulting, as well as specialized planning and organizing of image flights.

Good photographs are important to guarantee the quality of photogrammetric evaluation. Therefore accurate planning, organizing and execution of a flight mission are absolutely crucial.

Planning includes:

  • choice of scale
  • choice of mission time and date
  • choice of sensor / camera
  • choice of image type: nadir and/or oblique images
  • planning of flight trajectory
  • determination of the number and location of ground control points

Organizing includes:

  • securing ground control points: signalling and measuring the exact location, ordering from government agencies, coordinate transformation ...
  • chosing a flight provider
  • quality check of photographs
  • archiving the photographs on secure data carriers
  • calculating projection centers

Our expertise for your projects

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