3D City Models

Automatically generated 3D city model
Physical 3D model of Unna
Multimedia model of Stade

3D city models are used in various application fields.

In navigation they help to increase the recognition of the current position, in city planning they are indispensable to get to know the future appearance upfront, e.g. for new constructions in vacant spaces, in computer games they define the gaming environment and in the industry they help to calculate the noise and radiation dispersion.

GTA GeoService GmbH creates digital and physical 3D city models especially for your area of application. Define the area and the level of detail for your model.

Or license the already available 3D city models or smaller parts of them. More than 6000 km² of 3D city models in LOD2 with real roof and wall colors for more than 200 cities in Europe, America and Asia are available off-the-shelf. Find a map with the available areas of 3D city models right here:


North America


Texturing 3D City Models

Depending on the available input data 3D city models can be textured in different ways. GTA GeoService GmbH offers the following texturings:

  • photorealistic textures from terrestrial photos
  • photorealistic textures from oblique imagery
  • parametric textures
  • phantom textures
  • synthetic textures
  • roof and wall colors, derived from nadir and oblique aerial imagery

More detail you will find in our PDF flyer.

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