Solar Potential Assessment

Using the software "tridicon® Solar" by 3DCon we create a solar potential assessment for your area of interest.

Analysing a 3D city model or roof model the solar potential for every single roof face is assessed. The roof faces are divided into smaller tiles, e.g. 0,25m², and for each of those tiles an individual shadowing profile for a whole year and occuring concrete shadowing periods during the course of the year are established. Every day of the year from sunrise to sunset with a temporal resolution of 2 minutes is taken into account.

Different colours show solar potential classification for the roof of a building. The roofs' potential for photovoltaics and solar heat can be displayed.

Optionally, we capture already existing solar panels on the roofs and exclude these areas from the solar potential assessment. We also offer to create roof textures from aerial images, so that you can switch between the coloured suitability classes and real roof textures.


WEB Portal for Solar Potential

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